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Oktoberfest Begins September 14th!

Oktoberfest 2014

Oktoberfest is a celebration of beer that is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  It usually takes place from late September through the first weekend of October and is one of the most famous events in Germany.  More than 6 million people from around the world attend the event every year.  It is an important part of Bavaria culture and has been celebrated since 1810.  Here is America, we are up for any and all celebrations and many communities and individuals celebrate Oktoberfest as a way to bring in the autumn and enjoy great food and drink.

Plan Now for Your Summer 2015 Wedding

Summer wedding planning

Summertime can be a wonderful season to have a wedding. There are many options with regard to your venue and style of weddings.  If you are recently engaged and not sure which direction to head in for your wedding reception here are a few of our favorite wedding receptions that work for the 2015 summer season.

Four Fresh Food Choices for Your Labor Day Barbecue

labor day barbeque menu

With Labor Day fast approaching and summer full of hot dogs and hamburgers, it’s time to try something new for your barbecue.  While hot dogs and hamburgers are a summer staple and certainly during the rough weather winter months it’s easy to crave a delicious, juicy burger right off the grill, by this time of the summer you’ve probably had your fair share.   We would like to recommend some unique barbecue food suggestions that will surprise and delight your guests this Labor Day.

Must Have Entertaining Tips & Party Planning Checklist

offsite catering in nj

With the last few weeks of summer ahead of us, it’s time to start looking at your calendar for the fall and winter to start planning events.  With holidays, corporate events and meetings that will be coming up soon, we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our favorite tips and tricks to easy party planning.

To Do Right Now:

  • Pick your date and make an invitation list.  Keep in mind how much space you have and do not worry about over-inviting as not everyone will RSVP with a yes.
  • Create & send out your invitations.  This can be done via mail, e-Mail or even phone calls or a combination of any/all can work for your party.  If it’s too early to send the invites, a nice Save the Date card or email can ensure more of your guests will be free for your party or event. 
  • If themes are your thing, pick your theme and work your decorations around that theme.  
  • Plan your menu – make sure you have enough choices for all of your guests, keeping in mind anyone with special dietary needs.  Make your shopping list and organize any recipes you may be using to ensure you have everything you need to make your dishes.  Or contact your caterer to discuss the menu and place your order.
  • Line up any rentals or wait staff you may need to help during the party.  There are plenty of companies that can provide local rentals and wait staff.   
  • Check on available venues if you are planning for an off-site party.

Two Weeks Before Your Party:

  • Pull out all the dishes, china and linens that you will be using and clean or launder anything that needs to be freshened.  Or be sure to contact your caterer to make selections and finalize everything you will need them to bring or rent.
  • Do a first round shopping for things that you can prepare ahead of time and freeze.
  • Meet with your venue or space to finalize last minute details or set up information.

One Week Before:

  • Clean your house thoroughly and maintain it during the week, or have your cleaning crew do a thorough cleaning during this time.
  • Rearrange any furniture that may need to be moved or might be in the way of entertaining and traffic flow.
  • Purchase any additional serving pieces you may need that you don’t already have.
  • Stock your bar with several alcohol selections, keeping in mind the guest you have invited and what they may look for with regard to refreshments.

Three Days Before:

  • Some experts say to notify the neighbors to alert them to any noise or parking issues that may take place.  Use your judgment on this based on your relationship with your neighbors – hopefully they will be part of the celebration!
  • Decorate and arrange candles, centerpieces and anything else that is part of the décor that is needed to carry through your party or event theme.
  • Remove personal items from public areas, such as bathroom medicine cabinets.
  • Create a clean-up kit in case of spills and stash it somewhere out of the way, yet handy in case you need it.
  • Make sure you have a place to place your guest’s coats that is convenient and accessible, such as a hall closet or first floor room.
  • Finish your grocery shopping and check your recipes to make sure everything you will need is purchased.
  • Confirm with your caterer or staff if you have hired them, as well as your venue if you are having an off-site event.

The Day of the Party:

  • Set the tables and place chairs around for seating.
  • Finish cooking all of the food ahead of time if you can.
  • Get dressed and begin greeting your guests as they arrive!

Hosting a party or event can be challenging and exhausting, but being organized and planning ahead will help alleviate a lot of your stress.  If this is all too much for you, contact Jacques Catering for help in planning your next party or event.  From delicious catered food to table, chair and accessory rentals, onsite and offsite catering facilities, Jacques has everything you need for a memorable party!

Events at the Reception Center - We're More Than Weddings!

Jacques Reception Center Hazlet NJ

With a multitude of events that many families celebrate, from weddings to communions and everything in between a reception center can be the perfect place to have your next gathering.  If your family is planning a special event consider a reception center as a potential venue.  There are many benefits to holding your event at a reception center, from providing a large enough room to hold all of your guests, to the ease of planning your event.  We would like to share some types of events that we host regularly for families and the benefits of having those events at a reception center.

Seven Super Summer Grilling Tips from Our Chefs

barbeque catering in ny or nj

You know its summer when you smell the delicious scent of food grilling on the barbeque.  Everyone loves to grill, but preparing delicious barbeque food is practically an art!  With all of the off-site barbeque catering we do all summer long we've asked our chefs to prepare some tips so that you can avoid the all too often charred burger or undercooked meat.  Follow these tips for delicious food off the grill every time!      

10 Things to Know About Your Full Service Caterer

off site wedding venue in monmouth county

The fact is, it’s hard to find one caterer that can truly provide a full-service experience for your wedding or event.  In addition, there are some elements of full-service that many brides and grooms are not even aware should be part of the service.  Here are some of the things your full-service catering company should provide for your off-site wedding or event:

Wedding Cake Trends for Today’s Brides

Jacques   Chocolate

Like your wedding day and everything that goes along with it from food to entertainment and venue choices, your wedding cake is an extension of the love and romance that is unique to each and every bride and groom we work with.   Today’s wedding cakes offer endless possibilities and the inspiration for your wedding cake can come from just about anywhere.  If you are looking for some fun and unique ideas for your wedding cake, we’ve come up with some of today’s trending styles.  

Brooklyn Has Great Wedding & Event Venues

The Dumbo Loft Brooklyn Wedding Venue

If you are engaged and planning your wedding, or if your company or family is having an event and you are searching for an exciting and unique venue, we’ve got the scoop on several great places in Brooklyn to consider.  Many of these are known as “raw venues”, meaning they can be decorated and utilized in a variety of ways to work with your theme and vision for your event.  With amazing views and spectacular spaces, you will surely find your dream venue in Brooklyn.  Here are a few of our favorites:

The Dumbo Loft

Summer Picnic Planning Made Simple

summer picnic planning

Family and friends mean everything, but aside from weddings and funerals most have difficulty in getting together just to enjoy some time with extended family members.  So, if your family or friends are looking to host a reunion or family picnic this summer, we would like to share some tips for planning so that everyone can enjoy the day and catch up on the important things, like each other!

  1. Make sure your friends or family are interested in a picnic before you spend a lot of time and effort planning an event only to have no one attend.  Call some of your closest peeps and see if they are interested and then enlist their help to contact others.
  2. Once you are fully invested in the summer picnic, it’s important to pick the venue and date that will best work for everyone. Consider out of area guests that may need accommodations or special help, like a handicapped accessible venue, and plan accordingly.

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