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Don’t Have a Bar-B-Que This Summer. Have The Best Summer Party Ever!

summer luau bbq

It will be here before you know it.  The unofficial start of summer – Memorial Day!  And with the official start of summer comes great weekend Bar-B-Ques with friends and family.  But we don’t want you to have a Bar-B-Que this summer, because you’ve been there.  You’ve done that.  We want to give you an idea for the best summer party ever – A Hawaiian Luau!  You can have a Luau themed party for a birthday, graduation, wedding, corporate event, prom or just about any special occasion. Here are our best suggestions for planning the best Luau your guests will be talk about for years to come.

Pick Your Location

A Hawaiian Luau can be planned at any venue location you choose. Whether it’s your backyard, the beach, a picnic area or park you can create an authentic Luau atmosphere with decorations and themed accessories.  Make sure you check with your venue (if it’s not your home) to make sure there are no special requirements or restrictions for this type of party.

Communion & Bar Mitzvah Catering Made Easy

bar mitzvah catering

It's time to start planning for a variety of religious celebrations from Communions and Confirmations to Bar and Bat Mitvah's.  These celebrations are among the most important for some families and over the years we have been helped many proud parents plan for their child's special day.  Here are some suggestions for planning that will be sure to make the day as special as it should be!

Beaches, Gardens & Farms Oh My! Must Have Wedding Venues for 2014

tent rentals by jacques caterers

Being married and having your reception in the great outdoors can be a magical experience for many brides and grooms.  And today, there are many options to choose from for your outdoor wedding venue and if you are not sure which direction to head in here are a few of our favorite types of outdoor weddings that are great for the spring, summer and even the fall seasons.  You may be surprised by our bride and groom favorite!

Waterfront Wedding Venues at the Jersey Shore

sandy hook chapel wedding venue

When it comes to offsite wedding venues, Jacques Exclusive Caterers is no stranger to a variety of historic, scenic and local sites throughout New Jersey.  We have catered some of the most notable venues including the Reed-Reeves Arboretum, the Red Mill in Clinton and even Liberty Hall at Kean University.  But we would like to share two breathtaking properties that really are the best-kept secret of New Jersey wedding venues, both of which are waterfront with spectacular views that offer brides and grooms with one of the most beautiful and romantic place to have a wedding at the Jersey shore.

Your Summer Corporate Event Planning Starts Now

corporate event planning

Many functions and events are planned with a maximum amount of attention to detail, whether it is a family event like a wedding or a corporate event like a meeting or summer picnic.  In many cases the person doing the planning has an idea of what they are looking for and the overall theme of the event, but what happens when there is not enough time to make decisions on the menu and other details? What if you just have no idea how to proceed?  This can be a stressful situation for the person tasked with the planning, particularly when it is a corporate event. That's when it's time to turn to your caterer or venue for help.

There are probably very few types of corporate events that most quality caterers haven't handled at some point during their time in business. This means their level of expertise and experience can be instrumental in making your event the best it can possibly be. So, if you are struggling with the details of what food to serve, how to set up the venue or any other additional details that are needed for your event, let the experts help!  Your catering company or reception center banquet manager is more than ready to help you with all the details. In many cases all they will need to know is who will the guests be, what the party is for and how many will attend your event? Once your caterer has this information their team of planners and chefs can determine the types of foods, room setup and all the other details for you.   The suggestions that your caterer makes come with an intense knowledge and experience of corporate event planning and implementation, so you can trust that the end result will exceed your expectations.

Part of choosing a caterer or reception center venue is the level of trust you have that the one you choose will go over and above to make your event the best it can be. So why not take the next leap of faith and trust in them to provide you with the planning and menu creation so that your job is to focus on your guests without the stress of all the planning details. You will be pleasantly surprised at the level and attention to detail that your caterer will demonstrate.

Jacques catering is ready, willing and able to provide top notch planning for your next corporate event. Whether you are holding it at our reception center, your office, or an offsite facility, our staff is ready to help take your event to the next level. Contact us today for expert help with your next event. 

St. Patrick’s Day Party Catering Made Simple

st patrick's day catering

St. Patrick’s Day is the celebration of all things green and the Luck O’ the Irish!  It’s one day of the year where green bagels rock and even beer is colored green in keeping with the spirit of the day.  The true St. Patrick’s Day celebrates St. Patrick, one of the most commonly recognized patron saints of Ireland and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.  Modern day festivities include parades, traditional Irish meals (mainly corned beef and cabbage) and drinking of alcohol.  March 17th is a celebration of the Irish and Irish American culture.

A Romantic Wedding Proposal for Valentine’s Day <3

valentine's day engagement

Valentine’s Day is a popular day for marriage proposals, and why not?  It’s only the most romantic day of the year!  If you popped the question and surprised the love of your life today with those monumental four words, “Will You Marry Me” we wish you congratulations and hope that the answer was a definite “YES”.   We took a poll among our brides and grooms about the best and most romantic ways to get engaged.  We wanted to share with you some of our favorites:

Same Sex Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Jacques   Same Sex marriage

Congratulations to all the same sex couples who are currently planning their weddings!  In celebration of this monumental time in our state, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas and inspirations for those couples looking for some creative ways to plan their wedding.  From what to where to selecting a wedding party, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to plan your dream wedding.

It’s Time To Plan Your Mardi Gras Party

mardi gras party food

This year we’re declaring Mardi Gras in New Jersey!  Mardi Gras doesn’t have to be for those who live in or visit New Orleans.  Many people celebrate Fat Tuesday with parties and celebrations all over the country.  What a lot of people who celebrate don’t know is that Mardi Gras always begins on the day before Ash Wednesday, or the first day of Lent.  During the period of Lent many Christians exclude meat from their diets either completely or on Fridays.  They also give up a favorite food or habit (even sometimes drink) during the Lenten period.  So, Fat Tuesday is an excuse to party before Lent and then the abstinence begins.  But not matter what, no people are more famous for Mardi Gras celebrations than the residents of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Score Big With Your Big Game Party Food

big game catering

There is no better time than winter to enjoy the big game with a group of friends.  With professional games like hockey, football and basketball all in season, as well as college and even high school games being televised, no matter what sport or team you’re a fan of, celebrating the big game day at home or at a stadium can be fun and exciting.  Many people enjoy the tailgating aspect of a sporting event and go to great lengths to pack just the right food and drink to have at their pre-game celebration.  Other sports fans enjoy spending a nice, warm afternoon with all the comforts of home at their fingertips.

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