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10 Things to Know About Your Full Service Caterer

The fact is, it’s hard to find one caterer that can truly provide a full-service experience for your wedding or event.  In addition, there are some elements of full-service that many brides and grooms are not even aware should be part of the service.  Here are some of the things your full-service catering company should provide for your off-site wedding or event:

  1. Catering:  This seems like an obvious item any full-service catering company provides, after all, it’s food, right?  Well, you may not know that not all catering companies offer the food choices you may want for your wedding.  It’s important to ask about things like custom menus, chef stations, selection of entrees and any deluxe options that may be available for a more personalized food selection for your wedding.
  2. Service Wait-staff, Maitre D, and Valet Services:  Having enough wait-staff for your size wedding, along with a Maitre D and being able to have them provided by the caterer providing your food gives you peace of mind that you do not have to make separate arrangements for these important individuals who will make your wedding special.  In addition, Valet parking services may or may not be available through your caterer, so don’t overlook this critical service.
  3. Fully Staffed Bar and Liquor:  Before we get into premium liquors and premium bar upgrades or beverage stations, it’s important to know whether or not your caterer has the proper liquor licenses for your venue.  Not all caterers can offer bar services, so if you are looking for a one-stop-shopping experience, bar service and staff is a critical aspect of your planning.
  4. Rentals:  From tents, flooring, tables, and chairs, to fine china, linens, silverware and glassware your caterer should be able to provide any and all rental items that you need for your off-site wedding.  In addition, having choices of color and style will give you options to set the tone and carry through your wedding theme, so be sure there are plenty of options to meet your wedding vision.
  5. Knowledge of Venue: Caterers can have experience with a variety of different off-site wedding venues and no one wants to be the “Guinea Pig” on their wedding day, so it’s important for you to choose a caterer that has the experience in working with the venue of your choice.
  6. Specialty Items: Your caterer should be able to offer specialty items for your wedding whether you desire an ice sculpture, a customized wedding cake or need resources for entertainment, photography, florals and décor, invitations and supplies, an officiant, limousine services, planners, and designers.  An established caterer will have all the resources to provide just about everything you will need to make your wedding day amazing!
  7. Planning Assistance:  If we haven’t covered all the bases above, then planning services should be a must-have from your caterer.  They will be able to help you through the process, provide you with valuable timelines and checklists to help keep your planning on track and on budget.  The catering manager will be your best friend, from the time you make your choice to the day of your wedding or event.
  8. Insurance:  Your caterer should be fully insured and licensed with a Certificate of General Liability, Workers Compensation, Automobile Insurance and if providing liquor with Liquor Liability.
  9. Health Department:  Check the records with the health department for inspection reports for your caterer. They should have a Satisfactory Sanitary Inspection filed with the county.
  10. Transport of Food:  Does your caterer have a refrigeration truck and storage containers for your off-site wedding to get the food there in a safe condition and proper temperature for your event?  What about during the event, will it be stored properly so that when served it is safe to eat?  These are very important food-safety items that many brides and grooms are not aware of.

Jacques Exclusive Catering provides full-service catering that can include all of the above items and more.  As part of our full-service off-premise catering, Jacques provides complimentary site inspections for whatever venue you choose.  This means that we have an extensive checklist that we go through on-site at the venue prior to your wedding to ensure your party runs smoothly. For more information about our wedding or event catering services, please contact us today.

By Frank Mamola

Frank brings over 25 years of special event and food/beverage experience to the team.

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