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7 Things You MUST Do Before Planning Your Wedding (Besides Getting Engaged)

engagement_stock.jpgGetting engaged is probably one of, if not the, most exciting moments of any couples living together. And it also sets off one of the most stress-producing times in the couple’s life, planning a wedding. However, there are 7 things that any newly engaged MUST do in order to keep their sanity and make the whole wedding planning process that much easier.

Call Your Family And Close Friends

Chances are they were in on the whole engagement anyway, so why not let these people know it happened? Besides, do you really want your mom or best friend to find out that you’re engaged via Facebook? Probably not. So take some time after he pops the question and you both settle down to inform those closest to you as a couple.

Get A Manicure

If you don’t already have one, make sure to get one or do an at-home manicure. At least clean up your nails a bit, because your hands are going to be the center of attention for a while. Make sure to really show off that ring with some polished nails.

Engagement Announcements

People are going to want to know you’re engaged. And let’s face it but Great Aunt Clara isn’t on Facebook, or Instagram, so she’s going to need some kind of formal announcement. This is to inform everyone that yes you are engaged and to be on the lookout for a save the date in the future. This is one step you should definitely not skip.

Start A Pinterest Board

Yes, we are serious about this. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas on the types of decorations, invitations, save the dates, favors, and even wedding dresses for your big day. Also, Pinterest has a lot of links to wedding blogs that can help you better plan your wedding.

Getting Those Wedding Magazines

We have all done it, admired the wedding magazine. Well now is the time to strike! Stock up on those things and get to reading, thumbing through, and marking everything of your wedding dreams. Between this and Pinterest you are sure to get some great ideas for your wedding.

The Wedding Party

It’s important to sit down with your S.O. and talk about your wedding party together. How many people do you want in it? Who should be the best man and the maid of honor? Take the time to seriously think about all of this, because you are going to be spending A LOT of time with these people. Especially your maid of honor, so make sure it’s someone you want to be around for extended periods of time.

Get That Rock Insured

If your S.O. didn’t already do this, get the ring insured. It seems like a small thing, but really he spent a good amount of money on this thing, better make sure the “just in case” is covered. Who knows? Maybe you forget to take it off when swimming and it ends up in the pool, or worse the ocean, never to be seen again. Better to be safe than sorry.

We hope that these tips for planning your wedding can help ease your mind a little as you and your S.O. start the journey that is wedding planning. And when it’s time to start thinking about things like the venue and the food, the 8th thing you must do is contact Jacques Exclusive Catering to schedule a tour of our wedding reception facilities and get some help with the planning of your wedding. Whether you choose our venue or an off-site property, we have everything you need to make your wedding the best day ever!

By Frank Mamola

Frank brings over 25 years of special event and food/beverage experience to the team.

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