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Micro Wedding Bliss

2020 has shown us that we are amazing when it comes to reinventing how we celebrate the important people and events in our lives. As a wedding venue, caterer, and rental company, the pandemic forced us to find ways to continue to provide food and catering services, while maintaining safety precautions and compliance to the ever-changing CDC recommendations. We did it. And, along the way we managed to help a lot of couples realize their wedding dreams, reinvented in a more simple, intimate way. Love cannot be stopped by anything, not even COVID-19. We have helped numerous couples, along with their families celebrate love on their wedding day by providing a different kind of reception. Enter into our worlds: The Micro Wedding!  Here’s everything you need to know about this new way to have your wedding and why it works so well!

What is a Micro Wedding?

The latest trend in weddings for 2020 is a very intimate affair, usually with under 100 guests, featuring all of the traditions that make weddings so much fun, but on a smaller scale. Micro Weddings allow our brides and grooms to celebrate their love within the current safety guidelines placed on us due to the pandemic. The most important thing to know about a Micro Wedding is that couples have realized they don’t need the huge affair they thought they needed to have a wonderful wedding day they can share with close family and friends.

Venues for Micro Weddings

One of the best things about Micro Weddings is that they open up huge possibilities when it comes to venues. By scaling down the size of the wedding, it’s possible to have it at home, a park, gallery, or even in a reception center as long as the capacity requirements are not exceeded. Jacques Reception Center has been hosting one wedding at a time with limited capacity within the governor’s executive order guidelines. This allows for guests to be socially distanced, while still celebrating the happy couple. Outdoor venues like Sandy Hook Chapel, Spring Valley Meadows, and Bayonet Farm have been among the recent favorites of our bridal couples. No matter the venue you choose for your Micro Wedding there are many creative ways to work within the guidelines to make your wedding as special as you deserve!

Micro Wedding Basics

No matter what kind of wedding or the venue you choose, there are basic ingredients that go into having the best day ever. Great food, amazing music, and alcohol are among the things you will need. In addition, for outdoor venues a few rentals like tents, tables, chairs, and a dance floor will make your Micro Wedding complete. Most of our brides find that once the event begins, there is not much difference to getting married outside, under a tent, or an indoor venue. There is also a lot of flexibility when it comes to décor, theme, and attire. You can also have wait staff to take care of the food and your guests during dinner. Bar tenders are available as well to ensure your guests enjoy beverages throughout the day into the evening. Even DJ’s and photographers have adjusted their procedures to ensure your Micro Wedding is well documented and entertaining, while conforming to safety guidelines by wearing a mask and social distancing. Just because your wedding is smaller, you don’t have to compromise on the basic necessities to celebrate your day.

If you are engaged and wondering how to plan your wedding during this time of COVID, don’t put it off! Life must be lived! Love must be celebrated! And Micro Weddings have been an enjoyable, safe way to gather your family and friends to celebrate your wedding. Learn more about how we can help to plan your Micro Wedding by contacting us today.

By Stephanie Shaffery


Micro Wedding Bliss

The latest trend in weddings for 2020 is a very intimate affair, usually with under 100 guests called the Micro Wedding.

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The latest trend in weddings for 2020 is a very intimate affair, usually with under 100 guests called the Micro Wedding.

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