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St. Patrick’s Day Office Party Catering Guide

Playful and lighthearted—we sure do love St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It is a pure joy to watch employees let their guard down and celebrate in style. Additionally, we have a St. Patrick’s day menu that will get them in the spirit and ready for some fun and games right away. From designing your custom menu to spray painting golden horseshoes, let’s make this your best office party yet.

We want to make your St. Patrick’s Day office party as unique as your company. Let’s see how elevated Irish food and golden activities can create an exceptional experience.

Top St. Patrick’s Day Office Party Ideas

Creative St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

Employees won’t be surprised to find green beer, and that may be all they want. Spark their imagination, taste buds and energy with trendy drinks like honeydew martinis and kale smoothies—that’s forward thinking! Want employees to think outside the box? Let their first sip convey this message.

Creative St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

Elevated Irish Menus

Stick to the traditional St. Patrick’s Day food, but take it to another level in quality and presentation. Buffets and Irish food stations are great places to incorporate your company logo and plenty of four leaf clover decorations. Remember, the real treat starts when employees take their first bites.

Guests enjoy these St. Patrick’s Day menu items cooked with the finest ingredients by skilled chefs:

  • Corned beef brisket
  • New England potatoes
  • Steamed cabbage
  • Peas and carrots
  • Homemade Irish soda bread
  • Rye bread
  • Butter chips

Corned beef brisket St. Patrick's Day Meal

Employees are likely to have more than one serving of these delicious foods, but that never stops them from taking a trip to a festive dessert bar. Green and white cupcakes and sugar cookies welcome your company logo.

Golden St. Patrick’s Day Office Party Decorations

Full of symbolism and beauty, golden decorations are a nice alternative to the standard green ones. Mix and match, get creative and involve employees with these unique St. Patrick’s party ideas:

  • Green horseshoes: Spray paint horseshoes with green paint for employees to play horseshoes with and take home as a gift. Want to attach even more memories to this St. Patrick’s Day party favor? Let employees decorate the horseshoes with green and gold spray paint.
  • T-shirt decorating: Employees will have fun using golden St. Patrick’s Day stamps and markers to decorate company t-shirts. To get their creative juices flowing, set out a few examples designed by your CEO. Once complete, invite them to hang their custom shirt up next to the CEO’s or wear it for the remainder of the party—either way, they will add to the festive atmosphere.
  • Golden moments board: Set up a whiteboard with golden sticky notes and ask employees to post their favorite workplace memory. This makes a great permanent office decoration.
  • Gifting pots of gold: Imagine if employees have filled up golden pots with spare change to be donated to a local charity. The following work day, announce their total donation amount and impact on the community with great pride.

St. Patrick's Day Horseshoe Game

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Office Party Games

With Irish music playing, employees are relaxed yet full of energy—how will they use it? Gather for a game of shamrock bingo and witness the liveliest round of bingo you’ve seen. Pause the music and guests will wonder what’s coming next—maybe some flutes and fiddles. Let employees create their own music before a scavenger hunt or have a run at a relay using gold chocolate coins.

Celtic Band at St. Patrick's Day Party

The best St. Patrick’s Day games and activities are active, dynamic, lucky and full of your company’s style, so get creative to design your own! With more than 60 years of experience, our catering team can help you make all your St. Patrick day party ideas the perfect fit to your company.

Planning a St. Patrick’s Day office party in the tri-state area is easy because our chefs can custom design your menu to match your vision, our partner vendors can deliver any and all entertainment you can dream of and our staff has your back every step of the way.

Don’t leave your office party to luck—contact us online or give us a call at 866.522.7873.

By Frank Mamola

Frank brings over 25 years of special event and food/beverage experience to the team.

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St. Patrick's Day Office Party Catering Guide
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